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Question: Hi could I get clarification on a ruling (possibly truck and trailer) regarding a line out. Team A throw the ball in and win it and set up a drive. Team B allows team A to win the line out, come down and start the drive. Team B does not contest the drive at all. Is this a truck and trailer penalty against team A? Team B could presumably go around the back (no offside) and tackle the ball carrier? This was done quite often a few years ago by Italy. Could you clarify what options are available to team B and if when team A could/would not be penalised for illegal truck and traier? Many thanks.
Asked By: Mark Calverley

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Question: Time is up on the clock and both teams are aware of this. The team that is leading (just) has the throw in to the lineout with the next stopage ending the game. They deliberately throw it to the half back (badly not straight) who kicks the ball out - game over? Or is there provision within the protocols of refereeing to deem this unsportsmanlike play and a penalty will apply as it is only a penalty that extends the game beyond the stopage - has this ever occurred?
Asked By: Ian Toynbee

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Question: Notice alot in super 14 the referees at scrum time are standing on the opposite side to the scrum half at scrum time.What advantages are there in standing on this side to beinging with the halfbacks?
Asked By: Grant

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Question: I am coming into my second year refereeing. Last year I passed my level 1 & 2 exams and have coached JAB rugby for the past 10 years up to under 11. I achieve level 10.5 on a beep test. The association I belong to have great theory lectures. The question I have, is there a way to train for positioning and running lines apart from watching plenty of rugby(which is great) and actual trial and error during game time.
Asked By: Paul Weeks

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Question: Noticed position Steve Walsh was taking at some lineouts in Wales South Aficia game.Taking a position next to hooker throwing in and the ar droping 5metres down the line.What advantage would you gain from this positional change?
Asked By: Grant

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Question: How can a team lose advantage from an opposition mistake when they don't get over the advantage line? Wrong wrong wrong wrong!
Asked By: Warren Bailey

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Question: Having just watched Nigel Owens refereeing the test in Jo'burg, I am somewhat concerned at his positioning. He was very lucky not to be hurt more seriously and got in the way several other times. As a former referee, I was taught to stay out of the "chariot" position behind rucks and mauls, and to be more to the side. I have two questions; 1. Is positioning taught differently for elite referees from what we were taught in the grass roots? 2. Under which "Pillar" is positioning assessed?
Asked By: Ian Cook

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