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Like players, referees have to be fit for the role they play on the field.  This includes a strong base fitness, some speed work, and strength and conditioning (especially the core).
Referees learn about recovery after exercise, nutritional tips, recovery techniques and injury prevention and management.  

Referees need to look after their body, and maintain a strong level of health and fitness, especially as there is no getting away from the fact that referees are older in age than players!

Physical News

NZRU Referees Hydration   (0 Comments)

Have you been drinking?

You may here the crowd asking you “ref have you been drinking?” Turns out they may have a valid point. The exercise and training required to be a NZRU Referee takes its toll on the body. To help stay healthy, fit and strong, you must provide your body with the vital nutrients it needs. Otherwise, you'll constantly be lethargic, ill and potentially injured.
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Referee Fitness – What do they do?   (0 Comments)

Most people when they watch a game of rugby give no thought to the man in the middle controlling the game. And that is how it should be. A good game of rugby is one that is free-flowing, fast paced and with very few referee interventions. For a referee to be “on the ball” on the field, they have to have a high level of fitness and speed to ensure they keep up with the play, see what’s going on and are able to make quick and correct decisions under fatigue.
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Jamie is the Co-Author of the XLR8 International Coaching Program which has been launched in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. It is currently being delivered at Pretoria University, South Africa and Carnegie University in Leeds, England. The three stage program focuses on multi directional speed for sport and is endorsed by a number of international teams.
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Using Sport Technology To Get The Edge   (0 Comments)

With the 2011 Investec Super Rugby competition upon us, it is not just the players that are launching head long into another physically demanding season. The NZRU professional referees Bryce Lawrence, Chris Pollock, Garratt Williamson, Keith Brown, Jonathon White, Glen Jackson and Vinny Munro, will continue to be better prepared for the vigour’s of international Rugby Union.
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Recovery for Rugby Referees   (0 Comments)

Following up on our recent partnership with Musashi, it is timely we start to consider the nutritional requirements of refereeing a Rugby Union match. Whilst we are becoming much better at preparing ourselves physically, it’s fair to say that we still can be better in some areas, and one of these is nutrition. More specifically recovery nutrition. With Christmas approaching, it is worth remembering it’s not what you do between Christmas and New Year’s, but what you do between New Years and Christmas that counts. Specifically with regards to your recovery foods!
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