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Question: The NZRU appt the referee for a Ranfurly Shield Defence. Do the Asst Refs come from the home Assn or are they also appointed by the NZRU?
Asked By: Dave Woodhouse

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Question: Paddy O'Brien's statement that the officials got it wrong in the recent test match with South Africa with the referral and disallowing of a try for a forward pass is dumbfounding. Is it not better to get the correct call (there is no doubt that the pass was forward) than an official make the incorrect call. Forward passes and other infringments like loosey's releasing from scrums before the ball was out to create an overlap on the blindside and score a try not being called were common during last years Tri Nations. My question is, does Paddy O'brien have any say with World Cup referee appointments?
Asked By: Des Gorrie

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Question: is there an online , easy to read rugby law book , guide. My new rule book has tiny print that assaults my 40yr plus eyes and the older books are occassionally a matter of read the whole thing to not find a meaningful answer. e.g. ball lost forward as opposed to ripped in a contest / maul . where is the demarcation point. cheers maarty
Asked By: marty melchers

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Question: Hello my name is Kyle and im really enthusiastic about rugby i have been playing since i was 3 and am now at college level recently i have decided i would love to become a referee and was just wondering the steps i need to do to become qualified.
Asked By: kyle van veen

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Question: Hi, Have the Super 15 refereeing panels been announced yet?
Asked By: David Hugher

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Question: Discipline. Before the introduction of Yellow and Red cards to ammonest or send off a players, a common way to discipline players and/or teams was the 10 meters back punishments to the offending team. These punishment were applied for minor actions as delaying or disscusing a referee decision. Although i still use it instead of ammonest a player, i wonder how much terrain may i "grant' to the non offending team in case of repetitive infringements.
Asked By: Alejandro

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Question: A year or two ago, the Air NZ Cup trialled a three step scrum engagement sequence... Crouch-Touch-Engage, instead of the usual CTPE. I was wondering what the outcome of this trial was in terms of numbers of resets, collapsed scrums, FK's and PK's etc. Is that information readily available to the public, and if so, where could I find it.
Asked By: Ian Cook

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Question: With regards to last nights game, BOP/Northland, can you please explain to me how come a TMO can see an obscured grounding of a ball, and not see a knock-on. Where do you get these monkeys from, it was quite obvious that he is a Northland supporter. In fact you could say that all 3 of his decisions were dubious to say the least. Please can you publish his name and I sincerely hope that his performance is reviewed...Pathetic and it cost the Steamers a crack at the title!!! I look forward to your reply.
Asked By: Robin van Niekerk

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Question: Hello, I am an 18 year old referee. Currently I attend Papanui High School in Christchurch. As a project I had to create a website to solve a problem. My problem was Rugby Referee’s Game Plans. I have developed a website which allows referees to complete their game plan online, print it, edit it and delete it if they want but the most important feature is being able to share it with your coach or match reviewer so they can review the game plan without having to email it to and from each other multiple times. Any referee can use it and will make life a lot easier for a referee. I would love to have referees using this website all around New Zealand. I am interested in showing you my website and come to an arrangement on how this website will be deployed and maintain. This website also has many other features which I would have to discuss with you. I would love to have this website funded and up and running with your support for the 2011 rugby season. Thanks for your time, looking forward to your reply, Jason Reed
Asked By: Jason Reed

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Question: Why is putting the ball in crooked at the scrum allowed when the law clearly states the ball should be put in straight.No different to a lineout?
Asked By: Mike

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Question: Hey team, Great website! Awesome idea! Was just thinking how cool it would be to have a short video 2-3 mins long on a typical day for a referee on game day, i.e. get to the grouns 90 mins before the game, talk to captains, warm ups etc. etc. Just having a camera follow a ref round for the day would be cool! !!!!!!!
Asked By: Hamish W

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Question: i am 14 years old and have been playing rugby for the past 10 years. i am very interested in learning how to become a referee. is there a course or something? age limit? thanks James
Asked By: james cartwright

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Question: I would like to ask if officials for the provincial, or the Super 14, are made to reassess their games after the matches, or whether their performances are assessed? My dad was a first class football referee in England, and for every match had to write up official reports for the RA, is this similar protocol here? I appreciate your time Many thanks Emma
Asked By: Emma Woodford

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Question: Just watched as another player is yellow carded, this time in the Ranfurly Shield game. These sendoff are killing the game. It happens time and time again. I'm paying to watch and be entertained...why punish me? PLEASE, can you find an alternate system of punishment? Pat Deady
Asked By: Pat Deady

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