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Catching Up With Chris Pollock (0 Comments)
New Zealand Referees - Apr 16, 2013

By Ben O'Keeffe

Chris Pollock - or ‘Polly’ - is a man of many talents. A full time professional referee, ex halfback and teacher, Pollock is also a regular on The Crowd Goes Wild, after being famously tackled by Sean Maitland during a game.

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“Referee every game as if it was your test match.” (0 Comments)
New Zealand Referees - Apr 12, 2013

by Ben O'Keeffe

The Investec Super Rugby competition kicked off this year with a new rugby team out of South Africa – as well as a group of fresh new up-and-coming referees who will make their debuts in 2013. New Zealand’s newest referee to join the Super Rugby ranks is Briant from the Bay of Plenty.

Referees Pillars

The technical pillar is best described as the 'actions of the players'. When a player kicks, passes or runs with the ball, he is executing a technical action. Equally, when a player enters a tackle, effects a 'clean out' or makes a tackle, he is effecting a technical action. Read more »

Tactically, players make decisions before they execute an action (e.g., a first five-eighth decides to kick, or decides to pass, then does it!). A referee, having observed an action by a player, then decides whether it is right or wrong!
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From a management perspective, the onus is on the referee to 'connect a series of decisions'. For example, if the referee gives two or three penalties against one team at the tackle, within a few minutes, is she/he aware of this sequence and what is she/he going to do about it? Read more »

Like players, referees have to be fit for the role they play on the field. This includes a strong base fitness, some speed work, and strength and conditioning (especially the core). Read more »

Refereeing is all about their ability to handle themselves and others within the environment. A referee needs to be able to cope with the external interferences that can get in the way of a good performance!
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